Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Quick tip: How to reduce oil on your forehead when you have bangs

A few years back I got bangs. They looked great, but my face is really oily. Overnight the oil in my hair and forehead would tranfer making both way more oily than if they weren't in contact. Now most people just put their hair up so it doesn't touch their face, but I couldn't do that. If I did that my hair would look all funky the next day and my bangs would be creased and refused to fall the right way. That's when I came upon this idea to make my hair and forehead less oily.

Go out and get some wide cloth (preferably cotton) headbands. I found mine at Target, but I'm pretty sure most drugstores have them too (but don't quote me on that).
At night I would go about my skincare routine and at the end I would put on the headband. I put it on so that the top of the headband was against my hairline and the bottom of the headband ended up a little bit above my eyebrows and of course my bangs were over the headband. That way the headband spanned my forehead and was in-between my hair and face, preventing the transfer of oil. It worked really well. My forehead wasn't covered in a layer of oil and my bangs weren't stringy. If you'd like photos or have more questions feel free to ask.

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